Haryana Vidhan Sabha Election 2014 - Palwal
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About Palwal:

Palwal became the 21st district of Haryana State on 15 August 2008. The district was formally inaugurated by the Hon\92ble Chief Minister of the Haryana.
It is situated at a distance of 60 km from Delhi on the Delhi-Mathura highway(NH2). Palwal is located at 28\B009'N 77\B020'E/28.15\B0N 77.33\B0E . It has an average elevation of 195 metres (639 ft). The area of town is near to 22.10 km\B2

Deputy Commissioner, Palwal
Message of DC, Palwal
In the Present era of Informational technology,a website is increasingly important sourse of information disseminations and communications. This website will be another milistone in bringing the administration to the citizens "doorsteps" besids ensuring transparency. The National Informatics Center Palwal has done pioneering effort in developing and hosting this official website.I, Congratulate the district Adminstration Palwal and NIC officer for their efforts.

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